The Vyšehrad - welcome to our website

In its heyday it was quite common for the steamer to transport people on the Vltava. Apart from the practical transportation of travellers, which went as far as Mělník, it was used by the people of Prague for the popular past-time of sight-seeing tours through Prague. However,after the second world war use of the steamer on the Vltava gradually decreased and to this day only two have been preserved. One of these is now called Vyšehrad – a saloon steamer, the oldest and also the biggest of the Prague Steamship Company – which was completely renovated in the nineteen ninties. The rich history of the steamer and the careful reconstruction allows the passenger to get a taste of old Prague. Even today, just as in the past, you can take a tour of Prague on board this luxury paddle steamer, have lunch or refreshments on board and pleasantly relax.

Something about the history...

Seventy years have passed since the moment the saloon steamer Vyšehred ceremoniously sailed from the shipyard. The luxury steamer witnessed the pre-war prosperity of the Prague steamship company, the war years and post war years when, under different names, it faithfull transported people along the river. For long decades alot of recontruction took place and, thanks to this, today even you can taste the comfort and luxury of the „saloon“ steamer by taking a sight-seeing tour through the centre of Prague, which was such a favourite past time of the Prague people in the glory days of the Vltava river steamer.